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Title: Culture and power
Authors: Bharucha, Rustom
Keywords: Power (Social aspects)
Issue Date: 1998
Publisher: Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi
Abstract: Present paper is the review article of "India's culture: the state, the arts and beyond" by B. P. Singh. Singh's article has close involvement with culture, he was the Cultural Secretary to the government of India. His 41-page encapsulation of "India's Culture" in the opening chapter to his book encompassing everything from Mohenjodaro. The Vedas, the Brahrnanas, the Upanishads, the epics, the six systems of philosophy (Nyaya, Vedanta, etc.) the Nutyash ustra. The Arthashastra, Ajanta. Ellora, is not even an adequate paraphrase of derivative scholarship. It is better read as the kind of background material that one gets to read in the more expensive editions of cultural tour guides.
Appears in Collections:No.127-128 [January-June 1998]

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