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Title: Social role of theatre in India
Authors: Richmond, Farley
Keywords: Indic drama
Indic literature
Issue Date: 1972
Publisher: Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi
Abstract: This article is about role of theatre in India. The first significant drama of social protest in India was Nildarpana (the mirror of Indigo planters) by Dinabandhu Mitra publihsed in 1860. Nildarpana was first staged in Dacca in 1861. Nildarpana raised serious questions for the colonial government. Many theatre organizations in the late 19th century turned their efforts to exposing glaring social evils in Indian society such as alcoholism child marriage enforced conversion by Christian missionaries women's education the purdah system and widow remarriage. Theatre may be put to more positive social uses if the process of traditional communication is scientifically scrutinized.
Appears in Collections:No.025 [July-September 1972]

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