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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Jan-1993Avant - garde classicismAwasthi, Suresh
1973Book reviews: An introduction to Indian music by B. Chaitanya Deva [and] Music of Eastern India by Sukumar RayGautam, M. R.; Awasthi, Suresh
1993Book reviews: Kathakali: the art of the non-worldly edited by D. Appukuttan Nair and Ayyappa Paniker; Text tone and tune: parameters of music in multi cultural perspective by Bonnie C. Wade and Brhaddesi of Sri Matanga Muni edited by Prem Lata SharmaAwasthi, Suresh; Banerjee, Jayasri; Lath, Mukund
1973Book reviews: The Ramayana and the malay shadow-play by P. L. Amin Sweeney [and] On thrones of gold edited by James R.Awasthi, Suresh; Deva, B.C.
1995Book-ReviewAshton-Sikora, Martha Bush; Sikora, Robert P.; Rao, K. Uma; Taqi, Raushan; Awasthi, Suresh; Jacob, Paul
Apr-1958Dance seminar : a resume of performanceAwasthi, Suresh
-Enacting the rites of passageAwasthi, Suresh
28-May-1992A from closed to experimentsAwasthi, Suresh; Vasudevan, Kunju
9-Aug-1993High drama in YakshaganaAwasthi, Suresh
2004Hindi folk dramaAwasthi, Suresh
23-Sep-1990History is not a frozen time spanAwasthi, Suresh
21-Jun-1992An inviolate exercise in futilityAwasthi, Suresh
-The man who can become womanAwasthi, Suresh
Oct-1959Report on the competition of play production in hindiAwasthi, Suresh
1971Round table on the contemporary relevance of traditional theatreAwasthi, Suresh
10-Apr-1992Spring feverAwasthi, Suresh
10-Nov-1991Tea-pastry theatreAwasthi, Suresh
26-Apr-1994A tradition ignoredAwasthi, Suresh
1971Traditional theatre: practices and conventionsAwasthi, Suresh
17-Feb-1991Worthy of KalidasAwasthi, Suresh